Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Amazing Cancun Prices

Jen & I recently met a Kansan at Walmart who seemed to think that prices in Cancun are higher than those in his hometown. Really? 

Even at Walmart, whose prices are nowhere near the cheapest in Cancun, you can get:
- a 2L bottle of local tequilla for 20 pesos
- a 1L bottle of fruit juice (grape, strawberry, mango, guayaba) for 8 pesos
- 250ml of Philadelphia Cream Cheese for 13 pesos
- a 250 gram bag of local brand nacho chips for 10 pesos
- a 500 gram bag of Tostidos for 25 pesos
- board games from 100 pesos

The magazines in the photo average 40 pesos (about $3). Flip flops? ~$2.

Walmart Cancun
At Chedraui (on Tulum, at Coba), you can get:
- cans of Cabrito Mix (tequilla & grapefruit) for 7 pesos
- a 200 gram block of basic cheese for 7 pesos
- fresh kaiser rolls for 1 peso each!

And food & supplies at the local markets (especially #23, located just north of the main bus station) are even cheaper. At the grocery store in Market 23, you can get:
- 3L of local brand colas for 8 pesos
- pineapples, melons & tomatoes for ~7 pesos/kilo
- cabbage for 2 pesos/kilo

Buffet deals are also generally very good and fast food is comparatively cheap (cheaper than in most North American cities). You can get:
- Big Mac meals (on Monday) for 44 pesos
- 6" Subway sandwiches from 29 pesos
- 2 large pepperoni pizzas from Domino's (on Tuesday) for 179 pesos

2 for 1 All You Can Eat Buffet. Cost? 83 pesos each, including all you can drink Corona beer!

Only imports, electronics & paper products are generally as/more expensive than at home (Toronto).

So, to our Walmart amigo, I can only say: You're not in Kansas anymore, and, until you've shopped around a bit more, stop complaining about the prices!

For a world-class resort destination, Cancun is still pretty cheap.

Last Update: June 2012

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